Strategic Brand Licensing

We Specialize in Corporate Trademarks / Brands

Working in partnership with our clients and their licensing partners, BCM’s management team has developed and managed some of the industry’s most successful brand extension licenses. Our team has extensive experience working with many of the world’s leading Corporate, Entertainment, Celebrity, & Sports trademark/brands which are recognized leaders in their respective businesses.

While we have worked across all segments of the licensing industry, our specialization and core business focus is representing well established corporate trademarks/brands. Corporate brand extension licensing is a sophisticated form of brand marketing that drives incremental revenues and marketing benefits to our clients. It is the strategic practice of leveraging the established brand capital of a trademark to successfully develop new businesses in logical, appropriate, complementary product categories.

With our extensive licensing and in-market experience, BCM has taken corporate trademark licensing to new levels of success by pioneering Integrated and In-Channel Licensing techniques and strategies. Our approach yields heightened benefits for both our clients (licensors) and their licensing partners (licensees). For licensees, Integrated and In-Channel licensing allows them to tap into the existing distribution and marketing platforms that our clients have spent many years, thousands of man hours, and millions of dollars building. For our clients / licensors, our approach allows them to more fully leverage their core business and brand marketing activities and investments over a broader market footprint without incremental investment while the licensees generate meaningful royalty revenues.

A Proven Track Record

  • Our team has decades of Brand Extension Licensing and related business development experience
  • Produced over $1 Billion in Retail Sales from licensing partnerships
  • We specialize in representing corporate trademarks/brands of companies recognized as leaders in their respective categories
  • While we represent a diverse group of clients, areas of focus include: Outdoor Living, Home Furnishings, DIY, Hardware, Building Products, Tools for the Trade, and related categories that are sold through the Mass, Club Store, Hardware, DIY, Drug, Professional/Trade, and Outdoor Specialty channels of distribution
  • Developed and managing many successful licensing partnerships in over 80 consumer product categories
  • Numerous long-term successful business partnerships between licensor and licensee.

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