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We are the pioneers of Integrated and In-Channel licensing, elevated forms of Brand Extension licensing, program development techniques and strategies. Our services are designed to grow each licensed business.

A Proven Track Record

Our core services are centered on developing successful licensed products in the retail market. As such, we view licensing as a natural extension of our client’s core business and the goal of our partnership development efforts are to generate successful new product sales, create long term progressive brand exposure, as well as enhance and create positive touch points with consumers. Our services include:

  • Licensing Program Development
  • Legal Services
  • Brand Extension Licensing Sales
  • Contract Compliance
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Product Approval Facilitation
  • Retail Strategy Support
  • Royalty Administration
  • Financial Auditing
  • Brand Acquisition
  • License Compliance & Management
  • Product, Market & Brand Research
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