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For over 125 years, Hunter Fan has prided itself on a heritage of developing artfully designed products that provide new and smarter ways to clean, circulate, and condition air to truly transform how people feel in their homes.

The Hunter story stretches across the turn of two centuries, two world wars and the Great Depression. The company traces its origins back to 1886, when John Hunter and son James C. Hunter created the first water-driven ceiling fan in upstate New York. Before long, Hunter was shipping these rugged fans with hand-weighted and balanced blades by the boatload to India, the Far East and Africa as well as across the United States.

Today, Hunter continues to combine 19th century craftsmanship with innovative design and technology to create air movement, cleaning, and conditioning products of unmatched quality, style and whisper-quiet performance. Products that are as tough on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Products that John and James Hunter would still be proud of more than 125 years later.
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Expanding Hunter Home Comfort

Leveraging Hunter’s global reputation for Home Comfort, Air Movement, Whisper-Quiet Operation, Innovation, Beautiful Design, and Craftsmanship, BCM successfully secured long-term strategic licensing partnerships with world-wide manufacturers in logical adjacent air circulation and air treatment categories including Thermostats, Bath Ventilation Fans, Table and Stand Fans, Portable Heaters, Humidifiers, and Air Purifiers & Replacement Filters.

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