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The American love affair with outdoor living continues to grow each year. Homeowners are adding value to their home by investing in their outdoor living environment with complete, well-designed rooms, outdoor spaces require the same care and detailed design as their interior counterparts. Customers are concerned with three main objectives for outdoor kitchens this year: style, functionality and relaxation. Brown Jordan’s exclusive collection combines an infinite number of kitchen layouts with multiple door styles, designer colors and realistic wood grain powder coat finishes and textures metals to create “one-of-a-kind” signature kitchens. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens combine the brand recognition and reputation of superior quality that the Brown Jordan name brings with it. Stainless steel cabinets take the beauty and benefits beyond the front of the appliance to create a distinctive look to match any consumer’s individual taste and style from modern to classic and timeless.

Our Mission

Outdoor Kitchens was a leading category that BCM identified for Brown Jordan’s brand extension further into Outdoor Living where traditional backyard patios were quickly evolving into luxurious outdoor living spaces.

The overall category was just starting to emerge a few years ago and identifying a partner that could deliver one of a kind offerings was the primary objective. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens accomplish this goal while tapping into a growing market void of a nationally recognized and trusted brand. Today, this licensed business under the Brown Jordan brand is the market leader and offers a full line with more than 400 stainless steel cabinet sizes and all powder coated with a rich palette of colors, realistic wood grains or metallic hues, applied to a variety of exclusive door styles. As a result, every kitchen can be uniquely designed for a signature look to meet the discerning tastes of consumers as well as contract/hospitality customers

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens introduces their “Elements” collection

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