Licensing Program Strategic Planning.

Understanding Your Business and Brand DNA

We recognize the immeasurable value of the trademarks we represent and as a result we are always protecting and seeking to enhance the value of our clients’ brand(s) through each license partnership we develop.  We first conduct a comprehensive business and brand immersion process. Working collaboratively with our client, we gain a deep understanding of the DNA of their brand(s) as well as their core business. We then effectively transfer those learnings into a long-term plan and program that is strategically aligned with our clients’ core business objectives.

Expanding Your Brand DNA

  • Brand Purpose - The reason why your company or brand exists
    The core value that you deliver
  • Brand Message - A clear way to say what you do and why you do it
    A compelling brand story that attracts potential clients
  • Identity - The way you differentiate yourself from the crowd
    Your corporate identity, visual style and standards

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