Licensing Benefits

BCM takes a very disciplined approach to licensing and we have a proven systematic approach which we customize based on each client’s needs and brand extension opportunities. This helps to ensure that the licensing program achieves the marketing, financial and legal benefit goals licensing can provide when done correctly.  These goals are to:

  • Enhance the consumer’s awareness, understanding and further acceptance of the brand
    while enhancing sales of the brand’s core products
  • Develop positive consumer touch points with the brand in existing and new distribution
  • Facilitate entry into new product categories via collaboration with experienced partners
  • Strengthen legal protection of the trademark(s)
  • Generate a new revenue stream that can be directed to support advertising
    and marketing initiatives to further support the brand

The benefits to the licensee’s we secure on behalf of our clients are just as valuable and important to the success of their businesses.  The investment required to launch new products and effectively market those products over time to develop meaningful and lasting trust and awareness with consumers is a high risk and expensive proposition. This approach requires significant investment and there is  no guarantee of success particularly within today’s highly competitive retail environment which is why the vast majority of new product launches ultimately fail.  However, the combination of an already established and trusted brand with quality products meeting consumers’ needs and appropriate support can provide a licensee the following:

  • Immediate recognition and acceptance by both consumers and retailers at a cost
    significantly less than required to develop and generate awareness for a new brand
  • Distinct fully developed marketing platform to promote the products
  • Differentiated products from the competition and ability to compete on more than price
  • Expanded distribution and the ability to capture market share from competitors

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