• BCM’s team is professional and always provides us the highest levels of service and expertise to support our licensed business. They have tremendous passion for licensing and it is clear their focus is to create a win-win relationship. Their involvement is invaluable and contributes greatly to the success of our license.

    Alexander Eburne, CEO – EcoSmart
  • I have worked with BCM and the Principals of the company for many years in roles as both the brand owner (licensor) and licensee. They are experts in corporate brand licensing and consistently take a professional and strategic approach to developing long-term successful licenses. In my unique position I witnessed how BCM worked from both sides of the relationship, and I saw firsthand that they provide solid financial and marketing benefits to both the brand owner and licensee in a mutually beneficial fashion.

    Christopher Carmicle, Past President - Brown Jordan
  • BCM works closely with us to grow the licensed business. The partnership has been strong and our license has added tremendous value to our overall company. BCM’s team has been integral to the overall partnership’s success and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

    Mitch Slater, President - Danver
  • It is a pleasure working with the entire team at BCM.  They are creative, talented and experts in licensing.  They do all the heavy lifting and with our broad portfolio of automotive and sports enthusiast brands, they consistently provide each brand with the attention they need to develop successful licensing partnerships.

    Mark Han, SVP – The Enthusiast Network
  • We converted 100% of our business to the Trex brand license because of the in-channel licensing strategy benefits BCM championed on our behalf. We integrated quickly into Trex’s national distribution and now have good relationships and market share with both Home Depot and Lowes. As a result, we have experienced exponential growth.

  • We have truly enjoyed working with BCM.  Our licensing program is an integral part of our company and has grown every year thanks to their stewardship and professional expertise.

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