Goat Guns to launch Barrett branded die-cast replicas of select firearms


Goat Guns to design, manufacture and market a Barrett branded collection of high-quality die-cast replicas of select firearms.

Murfreesboro, TN- Barrett announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Goat Guns to design, manufacture and market a Barrett branded collection of high-quality die-cast replicas of select firearms.

GoatGuns LLC, creator of collectible miniature gun models, has developed a leading replica design replica of the Barrett Model 82A1. It is currently available online and will be showcased officially at the Shot Show in January 2020. The worldwide iconic .50cal Model 82A1, by creator Ronnie Barrett, is nicknamed ‘ALMIGHTY’ and made in 1/3 scale for a great collectible display item for any home or office.

GoatGuns™ Officially Licensed Miniature BARRETT® Model 82A1


The 1:3 scale Barrett Model 82A1 GoatGun Toy is 100% die cast metal. It has several interchangeable parts for users to modify to their liking.


  • 13” in length
  • Adjustable bipod
  • Magazine that holds up to 5 dummy miniature .50cal rounds
  • Sliding bolt carrier
  • Adjustable scope
  • Functional carry handle
  • Famous muzzle break
  • Available in Black, Digital Camouflage and Gold


GoatGuns is now accepting purchase orders for the licensed Barrett Model 82A1. Product is available in pre-assembled display boxes or self-build model kits. MSRP $44.99. Contact wholesale@goatguns.com. intrusion in the burner and gas line.

About Barrett

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company and the world leader in long-distance, precision rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products in use by civilians, sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military, and more than 70 US State Department approved countries around the world. The Barrett Quality Management System (QMS) has received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design and manufacture of firearms, ammunition, and related accessories.

About Goat Guns

GoatGuns (Greatest of All Time) was started in 2017, selling first the AR15 and a Sniper replica. Goatguns was started based on making available diecast versions of popular guns/firearms to the gun enthusiast market. Goatguns makes the highest quality 1:3 scale die cast metal replicas for users to display at home or work. These toy models are a fun way for users to own and collect a variety of look-alike guns. Our products have intricate working parts but do not have any shooting capabilities. GoatGuns are loved by famous gun, veteran and gaming celebrities and provide an affordable way for users to get their hands on many popular guns seen in wars and history.


(Carlsbad, CA)- August 22, 2017 – Reef, the global surf lifestyle leader, partners up with the iconic surf media brand, Surfer, to create a collection of magazine cover inspired sandals and t-shirts. With a unique pop-out design, the sandals provide an experience for the buyer while keeping the magazine artwork preserved.

The collaboration came about after browsing through a collection of vintage magazines and referencing Reef ads from the Surfer Magazines of the 90’s. Both brands are iconic within the surf community, so the collaboration was very natural. “We’re excited about working with Reef on this strategic licensing partnership with Surfer,” said Norb Garrett, EVP of TEN’s Sports & Entertainment Group. “Reef and Surfer have been longtime partners and share the love of surfing and the lifestyle that embodies the sport. This partnership represents a clever extension of both brands which we hope consumers will love.”

Reef and Surfer revived four of the most iconic covers that embody surf culture from the 60’s through the 80’s. The covers show the progression of surfing culture from artistic graphics of legend John Severson to Lance Carson sunset shots and of course Jon Damm surfing Pipeline in short florescent shorts.

The unique pop-out design concept came from our design team, who wanted to do something that really stood out and wasn’t just another printed sandal. “We were inspired by the concept of framing an old album cover or vintage magazine and hanging it next your surfboards in the garage.” Says Paul LaBarbera, Director of Footwear Design. “Something a surfer would think of as art versus just another sandal that would sit by the front door. By keeping the magazine shape, we were able to bring the artwork to life.”

With the recent passing of SURFER founder, John Severson, it’s fitting that the issue of SURFER showcasing the new collaboration will include John’s artwork, not only in the Reef sandal images, but also on the issue’s cover. The Reef X Surfer collection is available at surf shops and select retailers starting October 1, 2017. $26 – $30 MSRP.


Reef is the surf lifestyle leader that encourages your journey of discovery.  Rooted in California surf culture since 1984, our purpose is to provide premium, comfortable, and innovative products in a sustainable manner.

REEF™ and Just Passing Through™ are trademarks of South Cone, Inc.


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